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involving the fbi and the like but the point is to journalists today are also reworded for the eyeball grabbing headline that's substance so you will often see these things reported as fact that if you pull back and say that's not the case, that would be everything from famously 60 minutes reported a story about a cyber attack that took down brazilian power grids. it just didn't happen to withstand the power were great. a couple dudes took used rifles to shoot at power transformers in california, didn't take down the grid, but it did become a major news story in doubles street journal. now, i then bought a series of phone calls from journalists calling for my opinion on this cyber attack so it is a double layer thing. the last question about his area and psychological approaches at the very same time that you had over 600,000 people in pennsylvania without power. wall street journal has a news story that didn't leave anyone without power but then you also have a bunch of people interpreting that as a cyber attack. because somehow i keep you in all of these cyber powers. that is a probl
Search Results 0 to 0 of about 1